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Did You Miss Our Webinar: A Dive into Trends & Consumer Behavior this Holiday Season

On Thursday, December 12, 2019, the SFIA hosted a Thought Leadership Webinar that took a look at Trends & Consumer Behavior this Holiday Season.

If you missed this webinar:

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Consumers are now in control. With so many options, there are so many different ways that consumers can spend their money this holiday shopping season. What’s driving those decisions? What are the overarching trends that are affecting consumer behavior in terms of spending, store preferences, loyalty and motivations?
Prosper Insights and Analytics does the largest retail-oriented consumer study in the country. Each month, over 7,000 Americans (18-years and older) give their retail preferences and spending projections along with about 400 additional data points on everything from their overall mood to their reasoning behind choosing one retailer over another. According to the November 2019 data release from Prosper Retail Insights and Analytics, consumers are indicating that they plan to spend about 4% more on their upcoming holiday shopping compared to last year. When we look more closely at sports equipment, that number jumps to 10.6% exceeding the averages. Will these expectations be realized?
This webinar takes a closer look at the status of holiday shopping and whether or not consumers are doing what they indicated they would just 30 days ago. This webinar will also look at the Amazon shopper and if Amazon’s hold on the consumer is growing... Or are consumers looking to utilize other options for researching and making their all-important purchases this holiday season? Join us to learn more.
Topics of Insight:
  1. Does it appear that the holiday predictions of a 4% y/y increase will come true for the Sporting Goods Category?
  2. What signals are younger Gen Z consumers sending to the Sporting Goods category?
  3. Where are consumers shopping for Sporting Goods and what is the likely trend headed into 2020?
  4. Q&A




Alli Schulman
Coordinator, Communications & Marketing


John Peters





Neil Schwartz
Founder & Head of Insights
TGP Insights



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