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Did You Miss Our Webinar: A 2020 Holiday Shopping Outlook

On Thursday, December 10, 2020, the SFIA hosted a Thought Leadership Webinar that took a look at A 2020 Holiday Shopping Outlook.

If you missed this webinar:

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Since the start of the pandemic, sporting goods and related consumers have been adapting to the new normal. Consumers have been going up and down with the changing news cycles and ways that the Covid-19 crisis continues to dominate our lives. While the American consumer has proven to be resilient time and time again, this upcoming holiday season will present new challenges for brands, retailers and even consumers that we have not encountered before. Let’s take a look at what consumers are planning and how they will allocate their holiday spending this year as opposed to previous ones.  While the pandemic is the ultimate in “Black Swan Events,” we will first take a look at some of the larger, or over-arching, macro issues facing most consumers and look at the impact they are having on the various generations and demographic groups. We will also take a look at the ongoing challenges being created by the pandemic and how various habits and behaviors are being affected that are specific to the sports, sporting goods and related categories. Some brands and retailers are learning how to function in this environment, while others continue to struggle. Last, we will use a totally new consumer measurement to help understand not just what we will see from the holidays, but what consumers are planning on with regards to spending. The new "Consumer Spending Futures Index” shows a very interesting perspective when it comes to looking at who will win, lose and hold their own during the holiday shopping season.





Alli Schulman
Manager, Communications & Marketing


John Peters



Neil Schwartz
Managing Partner


Mark Sullivan




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