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Did You Miss Our Webinar: Survive and Advance: Important Contract and Insurance Coverage Issues for Businesses in the COVID Era?

On Tuesday, May 5, 2020, the SFIA hosted a Thought Leadership Webinar that took a look at Important Contract and Insurance Coverage Issues for Businesses in the COVID Era.

If you missed this webinar:

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The webinar discusses legal principles and practical considerations that will guide businesses, insurers, policyholders, and ultimately the courts as businesses seek contractual relief or insurance coverage for losses attributable to the COVID pandemic. Matt Wagman and Josh Kahn discuss contractual and common law defenses available to businesses that cannot meet their contractual commitments during the pandemic. They review sample force majeure clauses and discuss several court decisions interpreting how these clauses operate.  
Joe Beavers discusses insurance coverage claims for COVID-related business losses, including event cancellation claims, business interruption claims, and other coverage issues. They offer insights on key coverage issues, potentially applicable exclusions, and ways to maximize insurance coverage for COVID losses.
Topics of Insight:
  1. An often overlooked “boilerplate” clause in most contract may be critical in today’s world
  2. Common law defenses that may provide relief to businesses unable to meet contractual obligations
  3. Maximizing insurance coverage for losses arising from pandemics
  4. Event cancellation insurance claims
  5. Business interruption insurance claims
  6. Q&A




Alli Schulman
Manager, Communications & Marketing


John Peters

David Elkind Headshot

Joshua Kahn

Miles & Stockbridge


David Elkind Headshot

Matthew Wagman

Miles & Stockbridge

David Elkind Headshot

Joseph Beavers

Miles & Stockbridge


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