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Summary of Activities
The SFIA offers a series of informative and educational Thought Leadership events and activities. SFIA Members can participate in these events free or at discounted rates.

Some of the significant Thought Leadership events

Start-Up Challenge

SFIA highlights the latest industry innovations with the Annual SFIA ‘Start-Up Challenge’. Executives and investors from the industry will judge a selected number of pitches from up-and-coming CEOs in the industry. The finalists will receive real-time feedback from seasoned finance/ sports executives and have the opportunity to forge relationships with senior executives from the industry. 

Industry Leadership Summit 
SFIA’s annual Industry Leaders Summit gathers top level executives in the sports and fitness industry and provides the unique opportunity for some of the industry’s most highly regarded decision makers find solutions to pressing issues and concerns, explore trends and growth within the industry, as well as an opportunity to engage and network with customers, partners and peers.

Team Sports Rules & Management Conference

The National Federation of State High School Associations (NFHS), the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA), and the Sports & Fitness Industry Association (SFIA) host the annual High School & Collegiate Team Sports Rules Conference to discuss changes in team sports rules, standards and regulations. The day is full of many individual sports presentations that you can’t afford to miss!

Research Webinar Series 

A series insightful analysis webinars designed to compliment the member benefit reports. Webinar attendance is free to all members.

Thought Leadership Webinar Series
Throughout the year, this series of webinars is available to members for free and provides attendees with access to timely expertise and interactive guidance to address pressing industry challenges.

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Thought Leadership Program Topic & Speaker Recommendations
If you have any thoughts, comments or ideas for agenda topics or speaker suggestions, please submit them by clicking here.

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