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Summary of SFIA Thought Leadership Webinars
Throughout the year, this series of webinars are available to members for free and provides attendees with access to timely expertise and interactive guidance to address pressing industry challenges.

Upcoming SFIA Webinars
  Chinese Import Ban: What the Uyghur Forced Labor Prevention Act Means For You - Webinar | Thursday, February 3, 2022 2:00 PM EST

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SFIA Webinar Library

To view our list of previously hosted Webinars, please refer to the library provided below. To view these webinars, you will need to login as an SFIA member. If you need your login and password information please contact Chandler Hoffman at 301.495.6321 or choffman@sfia.org.

If the webinar you are looking for is not listed below, please contact Chandler Hoffman at choffman@sfia.org. for access.

2021 Webinars

  • Is Relief From The Trade Wars in Sight? - Click Here

  • Biden Trade Agenda - Click Here

  • Analysis of Sports & Fitness Participation in 2020 - Click Here

  • Recent Developments in Consumer Products Compliance: Prop 65 Update and U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission Trends - Click Here

  • Section 321: Opportunities and Threats for 2021 - Click Here

  • Section 307: Forced Labor Enforcement and Challenges for Global Supply Chains - Click Here

  • Customer Craze Philosophy: How deep customer empathy will help you win - Click Here

  • The Shipping Dilemma: Limiting the Disruption in a Post-COVID World (you must login to your sfia.org member account to view this page) - Click Here

  • Investing 101: Investing in Sports Start-Ups - Click Here

  • Conducting Business in California: Privacy Requirements, Wearables and the Future of Laws - Click Here

2020 Webinars

  • Ring the New Year Lawsuit Free – A Review of California Employment Laws That Affect the Fitness Industry - Click Here

  • USMCA 2020: Insight Into Its Impact on Trade - Click Here

  • The PHIT Act: All You Need to Know - Click Here

  • Tariff Relief Using the Generalized System of Preferences - Click Here

  • Coronavirus Update for the Sports & Fitness Industry - Click Here

  • FREE MONEY: SBA Offering Forgivable Loans During COVID-19 Crisis - Click Here

  • Deep Dive Into the 2020 SFIA Topline & Manufacturers' Sales Reports with Tom Cove - Click Here

  • COVID-19 - Business As Unusual - Click Here

  • Survive and Advance: Important Contract and Insurance Coverage Issues for Businesses in the COVID Era - Click Here

  • Contain the Counterfeit Outbreak: Intellectual Property Protection for the Sports & Fitness Industry During the Covid-19 Pandemic - Click Here

  • What Data Reveals About Youth Sports’ Recovery from COVID-19 - Click Here

  • Monitoring the Impact of COVID-19 and the Road to Recovery - Click Here

  • What Matters Now: Using Data to Make the Pivot - Click Here

  • Consumer-Driven Stimulus for the Active Lifestyle Industry - Click Here

  • COVID-19’s Impact on Trade and Duty Saving Strategies to Consider - Click Here

  • Winning Hearts and Wallets - Click Here

  • Youth Sports’ Recovery Revisited: A Look at the Latest Data - Click Here

  • Recent Developments at the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission & the Potential Impact of a Joe Biden Presidency - Click Here

  • Tariffs and Sanctions in 2020: Minimizing Global Supply Chain Risk in an Evolving Regulatory Landscape - Click Here

  • Indoor Sports in a COVID World - Click Here

  • Indoor Team Sports – Moving Forward in 2020/2021 - Click Here

  • Future of Wellness - Click Here

  • A 2020 Holiday Shopping Outlook - Click Here

  • Back-to-Work in the COVID-19 Era: Concerns for Employers and Real-World Best Practices - Click Here

2019 Webinars

  • Amazing Buying Experiences: Removing the Omnichannel Barriers - Click Here

  • How Use of the "First Sale Rule" Can Lower Import Duties - Click Here

  • Brand Protection: Advanced Connectivity Solutions for Privileged Relations with Your Customers - Click Here

  • China 301 Exclusion Requests: How to Obtain Favorable Results and Secure Duty Refunds - Click Here

  • Racing Ahead & Keeping Pace in Wearable Technology: Evolution of the Industry and its Legal Risks - Click Here

  • Reducing Tariffs Through the Miscellaneous Tariff Bill (MTB) Process - Click Here

  • Recent Developments at the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission - Click Here

  • A Dive into Trends & Consumer Behavior this Holiday Season - Click Here

2018 Webinars

  • Settling Products Liability Claims with Insurance Companies - Click Here

  • Closing Ceremonies: Promoting and Protecting Your Brands after the Olympics - Click Here

  • Growth of Wearable Payment in the Sports & Fitness Industry - Click Here

  • Everything You Need to Know About the Latest Tax Reform - Click Here

  • NPD Market Watch - Click Here

  • Community Outreach in the Digital Age: How Brands, Teams and Pro Athletes Are Teaming Up for Social Good - Click Here

  • The New EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) - Are You Ready? - Click Here

  • A Map for MAP: A Webinar Guide to Retailer Pricing Policies - Click Here

  • URGENT WEBINAR EDITION: China Tariffs Hit Sporting Goods Industry - Click Here

  • Staying on Top of Textiles and Sports Labeling Requirements - Click Here

  • Navigating the Impact of Section 301 Tariffs & Effective Countermeasures - Click Here

  • Advocacy Marketing: A Comprehensive Approach to Retail - Click Here

  • 2018 State of the Industry - Click Here

  • Cutting Edge Trends in PAGA Litigation - Click Here

  • Top IP Questions During a Client Consultation - Click Here

  • 2018 Tracking the Fitness Movement - Click Here

2017 Webinars

  • 3D Printing: Limitless Potential but Not Without Risk - Click Here

  • Turf Wars: Science vs Fear, A Field of Dreams or a Real Nightmare - Click Here

  • 2017 Participation Topline & Manufacturers Sales By Category Report - Click Here

  • 2017 Sports & Fitness Industry Watch - Click Here

  • PR 101: Crisis Communication with Uproar PR - Click here

  • Anti-Counterfeiting: Secure Solutions for Global Brand Integrity - Click Here

  • Social Media for Business- Are You Missing Opportunites to Connect with Customers? - Click Here

  • Practical Lessons from the European Commission's E-Commerce Sector Inquiry Final Report - Click Here

  • When is a Product Actually "Made in the USA"?- Click Here

2016 Webinars

  • Sporting Goods Industry Overview and Credit Risk Mitigation Strategies - Click Here
  • 2016 Tracking the Fitness Movement Report - Click Here
  • 2016 State of the Industry Report - Click Here
  • 2016 Participation Topline & Manufacturers Sales By Category Report - Click Here
  • Navigating Private Equity in the Sports & Fitness Industry Webinar - Click Here
  • Reliability of Wearables Data Webinar - Click Here
  • LEGAL TASK FORCE SERIES- 2016 Trans-Pacific Partnership Update Webinar- Click Here

2015 Webinars

  • How to Protect Your Brand While Managing a Product Recall Webinar- Click Here

  • The 2015 Report on the Inactivity Pandemic Webinar- Click Here
  • 2015 Tracking the Fitness Movement Report Findings - Click Here

  • 2015 U.S. Trends in Team Sports Report Findings - Click Here

  • 2015 State of the Industry Report Findings - Click Here

  • LEGAL TASK FORCE SERIES- Latest on CPSC & How to Effectively Address its Rulings- Click Here

  • U.S. Trade Policies Impacting the Industry - Click Here

  • LEGAL TASK FORCE SERIES-  Patent Reform & Trolling 101- Click Here

  • LEGAL TASK FORCE SERIES-  Proactive Tips to Protect Your Wearable Technology Intellectual Property- Click Here

2014 Webinars

  • Wearable Technology- Trends, Design & Risk Considerations Webinar- Click Here

  • Learn About the SFIA Increase Participation Plan Webinar- Click Here
  • 2014 State of the Industry Report Webinar- Click Here

  • Tracking the Fitness Movement Report Webinar- Email Lauren Wallace to schedule a one-on-one review of this year's report

  • LEGAL TASK FORCE SERIES- Business Decisions to Recall: New CPSC Expectations & How to Meet Them-Click Here

  • LEGAL TASK FORCE SERIES- Performance Sportswear Testing & Risk in Advertising- Click Here

  • LEGAL TASK FORCE SERIES- Helmets Today & Tomorrow - What Manufacturers Need to Know- Click Here

  • Did You Miss Our Webinar on How To Protect Your Company From Cyber Attacks- Click Here

  • LEGAL TASK FORCE SERIES- Changes in the CPSC Voluntary Recall Rule Webinar- Click Here

2013 Webinars

  • LEGAL TASK FORCE SERIES- Intellectual Property Litigation & Valuation Webinar- Click Here

  • LEGAL TASK FORCE SERIES- Playing the Canadian Way - Health Canada & CPSC Webinar- Click Here

  • PRODUCT INTEGRITY PROGRAM SERIES- Chemical Testing: Unwinding the Tangle of Chemical Requirements Webinar- Click Here


Webinar: Consumer-Driven Stimulus for the Active Lifestyle Industry - Online
Tuesday, July 21, 2020 2:00 PM (EST)


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