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U.S. Trends in Team Sports 2007 Edition

U.S. Trends in Team Sports 2007 Edition (2007)

Ultimate Report on the State of Team Sports

While 31.6 million U.S. children (age 6-17) participate in team sports on a 'frequent', 'regular', or 'casual' basis, nearly 19 million U.S. children do not participate in team sports at all. That's one of many findings in U.S. Trends in Team Sports (2007 edition), produced by the Sporting Goods Manufacturers Association (SGMA). According to SGMA, team sports participation has consolidated among the most serious players and there's been a decline in the number of casual, pickup players. On the bright side of things, interest in organized/sanctioned team sports is very strong; overall interest by girls/females in team sports at school and in community leagues is showing annual growth; lacrosse is a team sport on the rise; and overall play in high school sports rose for the 18th straight year. For the third time in as many years, this major report on team sports in the United States also contains a special report: Analyzing Team Sports Participation by Age. Analyzing Team Sports Participation by Age is a two-part report on nine sports. In the first part, you can determine the number of participants per sport at any given age. The second part shows the percentage of people in that age group who participate in that sport. For instance, 900,000 17-year olds played basketball in 2006 which means 17.9% of all 17-year olds played basketball in 2006.

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